It your chance to express your opinion!

Hello dear readers. Lest you think we aren't doing anything to further the plan for RiverTree opening Fall 2009, I thought I better write a post. One reason you haven't heard a lot from us is that we are still spending every moment we can pursuing a location for RTS. More on that later from Rodney. Much of our search is calling, waiting, wondering, learning patience and trust. All are valuable things, just not good blog posts.

But wait, I do have something to report, and am hoping for your feedback. RiverTree will be a school with a uniform. The details will be coming out in the future, but I'm working on the specifics of color, plaid etc. That's where I'd enjoy your input. There are many uniform companies, but I'm a fan of natural fabrics. I believe children are more comfortable in cotton clothing and other natural fabrics. Many of the uniform companies use a lot of synthetic fabrics which I plan on avoiding for RiverTree. My favorite place for uniforms so far is Land's End. It is basic; you can order it all online; and can take advantage of the Land's End Inlets here in the Twin Cities. If you have specific questions on the uniform, please be patient. I'll have that available shortly after our website is up and running. If you have questions as to why a uniform, please feel free to send me an email. I'd gladly converse about the benefits of a uniform.

If you care to express your opinion about colors of polo-type shirts and which plaid you prefer, follow these links to check out the options. Then come back to this article and leave your comments. Remember our colors are those seen in our logo. Our logo will also be on some of the clothing. I already have a few preferences on the tartans, but nothing set in stone. I'd enjoy hearing your opinion!