Hello, I'm your personal shopper

Today it is in the high 70's here in Minnesota, and yet I've spent the bulk of my day at my computer shopping. That's dedication, I tell you. I've got a garden to plant and a yard to clean up, but I'm happy to announce that the RiverTree school uniform is almost completely picked out and will soon be available to order. We are still working on getting the logo ready for various items, but soon, you'll see it! In the mean time if you want a sneak peak you may look at the uniform shop at www.landsend.com We are using the classic navy plaid and will have various items in white, french blue, cobalt blue, maise (yellow) and navy. It is going to be classic, yet bright and cheerful. I've ordered several samples and will have photos of the options up on the blog hopefully next week. There also will be distict differences between K-4, 5-8, and 9-12 when we finally get to those upper grades.

Now, I'm going outside. Enjoy your day!