Prayer for a Building

Please be in prayer for RiverTree over the next few weeks. We have recently sent letters to several churches in the Maple Grove/Plymouth area asking if they might consider leasing space to us. Needless to say, finding a location is very important. Pray that as we knock on doors, God would open one for us.

Television Revisited

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Bible at RiverTree

One of the phrases that Charlotte Mason brought to prominence was "living books." These are books that contain vital ideas with which a person can thoughtfully engage. They spark interest and fuel the imagination. And for Miss Mason, no book was more lively than the Bible.

Merely Christian

One of the most important elements of RiverTree that I have not written about much is its Christian character. Perhaps one of the reasons I have not is that when I think about how to do education, Christian belief is the only context in which I think about it. You see, I am fully and solely committed to Christian education because I believe it to be the only true education. If I claim that Christian belief is a universal truth system, how could I possibly think to educate children outside of that system?


It has been a while (quite a while) since I last updated this blog so, let me get you caught up on what is happening with RiverTree. Most importantly, I am glad to announce two new additions to the RiverTree board of directors. Dr. Dennis Morrow and Dr. Michael Mignard have both agreed to serve as members of the initial board. Both Mike and Denny bring a lifetime of experience in education and school administration. I am deeply grateful that they agreed to serve and RiverTree will be much stronger for their guidance.


In previous posts I have written about the importance of living ideas and living books to a RiverTree education. I have been remiss, however, in writing about one of the most distinguishing and important aspects of Charlotte Mason's method - narration. Miss Mason's method contained as a centerpiece of her instructional technique an element of genius. Under her method children read (or are read to) from an idea rich book, written in a literary style. Importantly, they read or hear the text only once. They are then asked to tell back what they read either orally, or in writing.

Hunting for a Building

We are on the lookout for a home for RiverTree School and we could use your help. The best buildings are often churches with education facilities or buildings that have housed schools in the past. Take a look at the location preference map I created to get an idea of where we are looking. If you happen to know of something that might be suitable, please contact me using the email address in the sidebar.


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