Jumping back on the wagon

What we are reading used to be a starting point for blog entries, yet those haven't happened in YEARS!  I mean the blog entries.  We still read, but in the past few years well, we suddenly got even more busy around here with two more babies, starting a school (Yay, RiverTree!!), moving that school, remodeling, running it, hiring, etc.  There are many reasons the RiverTree Blog just hasn't been a priority here, but I'm attempting to jump back on that wagon and blog.  So, if you ever check this, I imagine our old followers have forgotten our existence, welcome back.  Join our wagon train as w

What we're reading Summer 2010

Hello long lost readers...if there are any of you anymore! It is already August, and I thought it was time to share some books the Nelsons have enjoyed this summer. Some were read collectively, some individually, and some we're slowly looking through. This list isn't comprehensive. There are a few I'm leaving out so maybe I'll have more material for another post sooner that a half year from now!

A Sad State of Affairs in Education Schools

This is a particularly egregious example of what I perceive to be a systemic problem with university schools of education. So much time is spent on priorities such as these that graduates have time for little else. In my experience the biggest deficit most recent education graduates have is not a lack of cultural sensitivity (this generation of young teachers is extraordinarily respectful of cultural and ethnic differences), but rather that they simply don't know very much.

Discipline vs. Control

One of our RiverTree moms raised a question with me the other day, one that is very important to understanding RiverTree's and Ambleside's approach to education and why it is different. She asked, how can we maintain high behavioral expectations for our students without descending into legalism? It is a very good question; one to which many Christian schools have not yet found a satisfactory answer.

Hello, I'm your personal shopper

Today it is in the high 70's here in Minnesota, and yet I've spent the bulk of my day at my computer shopping. That's dedication, I tell you. I've got a garden to plant and a yard to clean up, but I'm happy to announce that the RiverTree school uniform is almost completely picked out and will soon be available to order. We are still working on getting the logo ready for various items, but soon, you'll see it!

Don't forget the info meeting!

Thursday night @ 6:30 we are having another information meeting. We'd love to have you there. Even if you've attended one previously please come again. I think it is really good to have many opportunities for the RiverTree community to be together. For directions please email Rodney (
Hope to see you there.

A wise little poem from 1st grade penmanship

This delighted us the other day. The children quickly memorized it. I find it particularly delightful to hear the 3yo recite it to the 1yo.

A wise old owl lived in an oak.
The more he saw, the less he spoke.
The less he spoke, the more he heard.
Why can't we all be like that wise old bird?

Come pray with me!

Our first prayer meeting for RiverTree is on Monday April 13th at 4p.m. at the Dunn Bros. Coffee Shop on Bass Lake Road in Maple Grove. Please join me and other parents as we pray God's blessing on the future of this school, the two teachers we've hired, the teachers we have yet to hire, our board, our head of school, Brooklyn Park E Free, our students, Ambleside Schools International, and many more things. Let's lift this venture up to Jesus!


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